Electric Explained: What is it like to drive an electric car?

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We understand that electric automobiles are quiet and efficient. We likewise understand that they produce zero tailpipe emissions and can possibly save you money. But did you know that they are likewise excellent enjoyable to drive? Although many 'driving lovers' are often quick to dismiss electrical cars and trucks as soulless gadgets, those who have made the switch are frequently amazed by just how much driving pleasure they deliver.

Sign up with Nicki as discusses what an electric automobile resembles to drive and highlights the crucial distinctions you will see when you make the switch.

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30 responses to “Electric Explained: What is it like to drive an electric car?”

  1. Mark Shellard Avatar
    Mark Shellard

    Or…. We have EVs and watch all of the vids about EVs. 🙂

    1. Dubnoreix Avatar

      Indeed. Like me. 🙂

  2. Tim Austin Avatar
    Tim Austin

    It goes further: because you’re not worrying about gears or power, and you’re not having to second guess whether you’ll have thrust when needed – combined with only needing one pedal, you think about far LESS when approaching a junction.

    This frees up your concentration and awareness for watching the road ahead and judging your next task. It’s a far, far SAFER way to drive because of this.

    1. Lewis Standing Avatar
      Lewis Standing

      rented an X1 on holiday, a manual – I actually hate manual transmissions now. They are absolutely awful.

  3. rodden1953 Avatar

    You can’t get people like my friend to change their minds, I was a convert before i got my EV , That was over 4 years ago and i still love it , My friend knows they are better but he just won’t admit it.

  4. SierraPapa Avatar

    EVs are really easy to drive and the best bit for me is how quickly you can overtake in one. 2nd best bit is one pedal driving.

  5. Antonio Palmero Avatar
    Antonio Palmero

    Drive electric & Free your mind .

  6. TimC Cambridge Avatar
    TimC Cambridge


  7. Jimmy H Avatar
    Jimmy H

    I convinced my mum to change from her mazda 2 to a Honda e, she loves it, no worries about changing gears or lack of power which the mazda had unless in 3rd gear

  8. james xo Avatar
    james xo

    one question i have, which might be daft, but say for example your electric car has 200 miles of range on a charge, but your daily commutes are maybe 10-20 miles. how often do you need to charge it? how much does the charge go down overnight unplugged etc. it seems a waste to plug it in every day

    1. Dubnoreix Avatar

      Not that much. It all depends from a whole load of factors like temperature, state of charge, battery chemistry, … But it’s I guess with such a commute you will only have to charge once a week. Maybe twice if temperatures are higher or lower than moderate.

    2. Gibroon Avatar

      I don’t have an EV yet but you really don’t need to charge up everyday. Some battery types prefer hovering in between 20-80% so definitely not required to charge up if you are doing low mileage per day.

      The LFP type batteries like 100% charge once a week from what I’ve heard.

    3. Fred Bloggs Avatar
      Fred Bloggs

      When I first got my MG4 I plugged in twice a week, now will usually only plug in once a week. Loss of charge overnight is not noticeable, but there can be one big loss if you are not careful, some cars you can program to warm/cool to a desired temperature, if you set this to switch on everyday, then it will, and drain the battery, for everyday driving no problem, but if you leave the car parked up for a long time, such as when on holiday it might be a problem.

    4. Lewis Standing Avatar
      Lewis Standing

      your off peak tariff can only add so much range in a night. its typically 4-6 hours and home chargers typically can do 7kw. so you’ll add 28-42kwh and that might get you 84-252 miles of range. So you plug in as often as you need to replace that energy.
      20 miles round trip commute might only use 4kwh, so you could just plug in every 7 days to replace that.

  9. Ted Ted Avatar
    Ted Ted

    Another video with all positive views.They are almost to good to be true.Must be no negatives to owning and driving.

    1. Dubnoreix Avatar

      There is also a video on the channel about the things the presenters don’t like about their EVs. But the advantages do outweigh the disadvantages.

    2. Lewis Standing Avatar
      Lewis Standing

      I save about a grand a year on fuelling the car – was a bit more expensive to buy but its way easier to drive, quicker and love the fact i’m not driving a huge cigarette down my street blowing all its toxic fumes into my neighbours lungs. Cant put a price on that.

  10. Phathutshedzo Tshikosi Avatar
    Phathutshedzo Tshikosi

    And they are hell expensive…price of mini SE in South Africa can get you a large Toyota SUV

  11. Trixie Pickle Avatar
    Trixie Pickle

    I have just got my first EV, after driving a diesel for years. Absolutely love it. Ordered it and picked it up, and I am having the time of my life! I charge at home from a charge box and the sheer bliss of not having to do a 30 km round trip to fill up is marvellous. I also love all the gadgets it comes with. I had the dog in the car yesterday – it was hot here in SW France, and had to nip into the supermarket. left the AC on whilst I went in. Fantastic. Wish I’d done it earlier.

    1. drxym Avatar

      I think charging from home is a major benefit. I have mine set to charge over night which I need to do about once every 7-10 days. I’ve not had any reason yet to use a fast charger in the 2 months I’ve had it. I don’t expect to either unless I need to do a long trip.

    2. FRANK CONNOLLY Avatar

      @drxym l

  12. Mr SWR Avatar
    Mr SWR

    Been following EV since Tesla started up but it took me to this year to drive a EV. I had a fully loaded Polestar 2 out for a few hours myself on motorways and backroads up in Scotland. Regen braking excellent and fun when you get used to it, the Car driving itself and the steering wheel moving itself to go round a bend a bit frightening at first and in truth said “Nah” and turned it off. But watching what is a big Car take off and turn the Car in the rear view to a dot a lot of fun. In fact said Car behind an Audi pulled up a few junctions on and clapped and gave a thumbs up.😂 But then he had caught me sitting on a quiet B road at a standstill and absolutely mashed it to see what it was like. Brilliant Car, comfy and one of the easiest Cars I’ve driven. You could absolutely eat the miles in it and I’d forgive having to stop to charge shock horror probably my bladder or the family’s would give in first. But there you go I resisted till this year after a few invitations to take pure EV outs over the years. But yes it was a case of “ Oh right this is almost instant power like I’ve seen in so many clips” Do you need 0-60 in sub 5 seconds in a family Car probably not but it’s very nice to have.

  13. gary wade Avatar
    gary wade

    Nope I’ve had an electric car for almost 3yrs. All as a taxi, 80k miles in a Kia eniro & 32k miles in a LR model Y
    I just like watching videos on electric cars & also like to see other people’s options on them
    I love electric cars and do my utmost to convert the other taxi drivers I know they should convert (managed to get 2 to do so) & also convert anyone that is a passenger in my car.
    Loved the eniro, think it’s a great value electric car. I only changed as I needed more range, a much bigger boot, plus the fact I never know where my next job will take me (especially as I’m located near Stansted airport) the brilliance of the Tesla supercharger network made the model Y a no brainer
    Even had a deposit down for the new model X, but since they say they’ll not make a RHD one (I’m sure they’ll change that decision eventually) and driving a LHD car as a taxi would be a nightmare, plus the local authorities won’t licence a LHD car for taxi work, I’m having to wait for my 7 seater electric car 🤷‍♂️🤞

    Great video ❤

  14. drxym Avatar

    Can’t speak of all EVs but my MG4 is fantastically easy to drive. It’s like an automatic but with instant response.

  15. Alex Avatar

    Can we get a comparison of the different hummm sounds that electric cars make? They might not go vroom vroom but each seems to have a unique hmmm sound. “how does an electric car sound”

  16. Mika Davies Avatar
    Mika Davies

    Interesting as I have an E-C4 and in the past I have liked only 3ltr and V6 cars. Yet for overtaking at 40 and 50mph I have found my tiny bhp Citroën BEV to be as good as any Mercedes v6 that I have had. Away from overtaking, the Citroën is super refined and relaxing to drive.

  17. Ian Ackery Avatar
    Ian Ackery

    Had a small EV for 9 months but still have a Diesel Estate as the family car. To put it in perspective the EV is now driven 90% of the time, the diesel is relegated to longer trips and when we need space as a small van. Other than that we are fighting to drive the EV all the time! It’s just a fabulous car to drive, fast, smooth and so much easier to live with. Says it all.

  18. Daniel Avatar

    Why do you have to pull the selector back to go forward and push it forward to get reverse? I know this doesn’t only apply to electric cars but have always wondered.

  19. Riaz Avatar

    Remember, regen is only good if you NEED to slow down. One of the reasons the Mercedes EQXX goes so far is because it allows you to maintain speed without using the accelerator pedal.

  20. H4M24UK Avatar

    I currently own an EV and can truly say it’s not cheaper to run. In fact it’s far more expensive to run an EV if you do a lot of motorway miles because public charging rates are enormously expensive and works out more per mile than the equivalent diesel or petrol car. Yes it’s nice to drive, the sheer acceleration I can never get bored of but none of these factors can beat the fact that my wallet is getting rinsed everytime I plug it in.

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