Electric Explained: SIX battery facts every electric car owner needs to know

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Owning and utilizing an electric cars and truck is simple. Plug in – charge up – drive. Repeat as required. Nevertheless even the most ardent of electrical enthusiasts will admit that there can be something of a learning curve when you first make the switch to electrical. There can also be a gap in between expectations and reality – particularly when it comes to range and .

Here at , we have actually consigned the rose-tinted eyeglasses to the bin and are happy to confess that, in some cases, automobile makers do not always want you to understand the peculiarities and disappointments that can be part of electric automobile ownership. We're on an objective to unmask, debunk and analyze electrical vehicle . Need to know why the last 20% of your battery takes forever? Or why plugging in after every little journey isn't the best thing for your battery? Sign up with Ginny as she describes more about electrical automobile batteries.

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22 responses to “Electric Explained: SIX battery facts every electric car owner needs to know”

  1. Karl Smith Avatar
    Karl Smith

    Is this the reasonable counter to the Mish mash of weirdness on the BBC earlier tonight?
    That was a weirdly weaponised attack against electric with ‘just’ enough facts to not look biased

  2. Adrian Carey Avatar
    Adrian Carey

    Like the tea analogy. Hungry for the battery chemistry video.🍰😊

  3. ipb1966 Avatar

    Where is it documented that batteries are ‘happiest’ at 60%. And some cars now have a more linear charging curve which doesn’t drop off at 80% and in any case I’m fairly sure that ‘rule’ only applies to DC charging, not AC?

    1. Andrew Davies Avatar
      Andrew Davies

      You don’t get high speed AC charging.

    2. Casper Hansen Avatar
      Casper Hansen

      Actually it applies to AC charging as well, except it usually is so slow that it is only seen between 97-100%

  4. Zygmunt The Cacao Kakistocrat Avatar
    Zygmunt The Cacao Kakistocrat

    Do all Citroens have a gigantic USB-C charging port in their drivers door? Or is this tiny Ginny with toy town cars?

  5. Mike Brueton Avatar
    Mike Brueton

    Great advice 😊

  6. Jude Brown Avatar
    Jude Brown

    I see you filmed on the day of the flying ant hatch!😅

  7. forealg Avatar

    Electric cars will fail if they dont seriously up there game.

    1. Brett Field Avatar
      Brett Field

      Disagree, people need to change their mindset. It’s not the same experience as ICE and won’t ever be

  8. Grizzly HP2 Avatar
    Grizzly HP2

    Some of the first Lithium batteries, yes. The Lithium Ion (NMC) version.
    That is why you want the modern LFP batteries.
    Those can charge to 100% without degredation and run down to 0 without damaging.
    That is what all people should know. I wont buy that Lithium Ion battery EV.

  9. Ivorvery Bigone Avatar
    Ivorvery Bigone

    So, why are manufacturers so dishonest by quoting range based on 100% charge when the real range is 80% to 50 miles (where your low fuel light normally comes on). My guess is because so many EVs have a real range of less than 100 miles.

    1. Owen Waters Avatar
      Owen Waters

      It’s perfectly acceptable to charge to 100% when you need the range.

    2. Gordon McCartney Avatar
      Gordon McCartney

      I think the real range of 100miles or less really only applies to supermini size or older EVs. Loads get 200+

    3. S J Avatar
      S J

      Absolutely this car has 280 mile range but 95% of the time it wont

  10. Simon Paine Avatar
    Simon Paine

    So frustrating! EV’S are facing a barrage of misinformation and yet you have just added MORE confusion and misinformation to the mix!
    Your charging and discharging advice is only applicable to the “older” style of batteries, which are slowly being phased out. The newer battery chemistry of Lithium Iron Phosphate have virtually no restrictions on how or when they are charged. What does matter to ALL current types of batteries is the speed of charging, which was not even mentioned! Regularly using Fast charging or “Level 3” charging has been shown to degrade most of not all types of batteries, faster than normal home, “level 2” charging systems.

  11. S J Avatar
    S J

    I like EVs I drive a phev and charge via home solar but all those points are a negative I’d rather wait until the technology improves, solid state or sodium ion batteries. And or course don’t forget the infrastructure.

  12. TeamVid Avatar

    An explanation by a man would be far more informative. Women should stick to promoting gadgets.

  13. TeamVid Avatar

    In other words, range anxiety is a thing.. suck it up.

  14. TeamVid Avatar

    This is just an Ad for Citroen

  15. Vg_Ace Avatar

    As someone from the states, I love your tea analogy. Except over here it would be coffee 😉

  16. Kevin Avatar

    A better analogy is pouring coke. You can pour fast but near the end you need to pour slow to allow the bubbles to settle.

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