DRIVEN: Volkswagen ID.7. Has VW finally built a Tesla-beater? |

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Volkswagen's all-electric ID. brand name has actually come a long way in a very short space of time. The latest addition to the household, the ID.7, is the 5th all-electric ID model to be introduced in Europe and the 6th around the world. And with the sub ₤ 23k ID.2 supermini in the pipeline, the future for energized Volkswagens looks intense.

The ID.7 sits at the top of Volkswagen's ever-expanding range (although in terms of rate it sits along with the ID.Buzz), and is available in saloon form initially, with a Tourer estate to follow later this year. Although Volkswagen formally refers to the ID.7 as a saloon, it's in fact a large hatchback. As part of Volkswagen's plan to gently relieve purchasers from ICE designs to electric, it loosely fills deep space that will appear in the brand's variety when the Passat saloon vanishes from the line-up later on this year (the new model will be estate-only).

The ID.7 will eventually come with two battery size choices: the familiar 77kWh pack that appears across the existing range, and a brand-new 86kWh pack that up until now has only been provided in the ID.Buzz long-wheelbase. The smaller pack is readily available from launch with the larger one signing up with the line-up later this year. In regards to charging, the 77kWh pack peaks at 170kW on a DC battery charger, while the 86kWh pack can accept a charge speed of as much as 200kW. Anticipate 10-80% charge times of around 25-35 minutes on a suitable DC battery charger.

Sign up with Ginny as she puts the new Volkswagen ID.7 under the microscope for the very first time. Has VW lastly built a car to equal the Tesla Model 3? Let us understand in the remarks below.

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33 responses to “DRIVEN: Volkswagen ID.7. Has VW finally built a Tesla-beater? |”

  1. @bullshitbingo2259 Avatar

    Awesome car! Spacious (especially the upcoming Touring version), efficient with a good range and priced high but fairly.

  2. @lm68lancashire60 Avatar

    Great work as always Ginny x

  3. @vokstar Avatar

    It just seems HUGE! This seems like a Phaeton, VW group has to have a large saloon and VW typically gets first crack at it, but where you will see this cars underpinnings is in potentially Bentleys, Porsches. I do like a wagon but I don’t know that that is what will save it, people just don’t buy wagons in this segment anymore, they would rather pay extra for an SUV, that is most likely worse.

    1. @robertreid9079 Avatar

      I do. 👍

    2. @CharltonLatchford Avatar

      There’s one in our street here in Germany and it is as big as an old Phaeton.

  4. @aye3678 Avatar

    I for one am grateful this isn’t another SUV. Good job VW.

    1. @andkosification Avatar

      And because it is not an SUV, it won’t sell very good.

  5. @robsmith1a Avatar

    It isn’t an SUV but still looks massive next to Ginny.

    1. @discoverkenya Avatar

      She’s only ditty, 5’4” I think

    2. @adamshooter6302 Avatar

      @@discoverkenya it is a 5 metre car!!!

    3. @sargfowler9603 Avatar

      yea, looks like a small barge

  6. @mendywouter5628 Avatar

    Just ordered one. Fantastic car and driving comfort can’t be compared with a model Y. About the re-gen option. In D mode indeed limited but if you change into B mode you almost have 1 pedal drive experience. If I am not mistaken you can als change the car settings in order to have “auto predictive re-gen”. So I would say… take another longer option to explore the car 😊

    1. @ianackery6106 Avatar

      So with options and metallic paint it will be close to £60k, for a Passat basically. Your choice but this is way over-priced.

    2. @thedreamfactory6964 Avatar

      You’re right. Can not be compared with a model Y. The Y is way cheaper and more energy efficiënt. If money is no object and electricity is for free: you made the right choice. I really hope you enjoy your car.

    3. @TheAllMightyGodofCod Avatar

      ​@@thedreamfactory6964the Y is not more “fuel efficient” as neither of these cars use fuel.

    4. @thedreamfactory6964 Avatar

      @@TheAllMightyGodofCod I changed it tot ‘energy efficient’. Is this ok?

    5. @TheAllMightyGodofCod Avatar

      @@thedreamfactory6964 do you really need to ask me?

  7. @josephcullen2512 Avatar

    Yeah I would have to agree about the market for these… The estate version will be more unique and probably more popular

  8. @tonybarton3746 Avatar

    Love it❤, can we have more of the Ginny room in the back dance moves please 😂😂😂😂

  9. @magnuslindhe2425 Avatar

    At least in Sweden, the ID.7 is too expensive compared to what you get in the Tesla MY. I have had my ID.4 for almost three years and will change it within four to five months. The experience with it has been so bad that I dare not buy another electric car from VW. The choice for me is easy = Tesla MY. I might come back to VW in a few years as I like the ID.4 as a car, but not as an electric car.

    1. @darcsentor Avatar

      What didn’t you like?

    2. @casperhansen826 Avatar

      They may not be around in a couple of years, that is my prediction, hope I am very wrong

    3. @andkosification Avatar

      So you got your ID.4 very very early. The software has improved quite a bit!

  10. @yoda-1551 Avatar

    I’ve got an ID.3, my winter efficiency is a pathetic 2.5 mi/kwh. VW need to up efficiency big time.

  11. @rpjwhite Avatar

    ID 7 estate looks really interesting even if the price is a bit spicy.

  12. @chrispenn715 Avatar

    Looks like a big step forward – but I personally don’t need such a big car. I also dislike one pedal driving modes – much prefer my car to have fairly strong regen and then creep like an old school auto

  13. @sargfowler9603 Avatar

    It’s got a hatch boot, stalks and switches! Much better than any Tesla!

  14. @bobuk5722 Avatar

    Hi Ginny, nicely done in what was a short time with the car. I’m over 70 and my next car will be an SUV style – much, much easier for me to get in and out of! I do intend it will be an EV – I have a grandson to start with. I don’t need ludicrous acceleration, I do want 300 miles + real range. I like the idea of Tesla Superchargers. I want a hatchback as well – yup, my aching back. I want good handling, and this will really please you – INDICATOR STALKS! Why? Well, it’s down to the way I was taught to signal on roundabouts all those decades ago. There are two get outs though. There’s a firm probably going to add bolt on stalks for Teslas and when using SatNav signalling should be automatic. Some clever visual processing would be needed to detect roundabouts and cancel the SatNav indicators if the driver choose to continue past the planned exit – or leave early. That facility could also go some way to support non-SatNav driving. SpaceX can land reusable rockets, it has to be possible! Cheers, keep up this really useful reporting.

  15. @andycanon1 Avatar

    The main issue with the VW is software. I won’t be surprised if all future updates including 4.x and above still need a visit to the dealership. My ID 4 has been in twice for updates and they took ten and eight days for the tech to finally get the car to accept the update. Compare that to Tesla that takes 25 minutes.

  16. @FormulaWhine Avatar

    I like this, and I like that it’s not another infernal SUV. As a company car driver, this would be on my list ahead of the BYD Seal (brand equity is playing its part here) and the Tesla 3 or Y. I would favour the i4 over it though but I think if VW price this keenly in the lease market they could mop up the company car orders.

  17. @simondehaas8784 Avatar

    All ID cars have adaptive regen and they all have regen on the brake pedal. Just not super strong regen on liftoff. The D mode is comparatively great though.
    Also the mapping is very good. I use it regularly in preference to android auto. Just falls down on voice recognition.

  18. @tristonsmy2434 Avatar

    Gonna need a Bus stop to park it, it is huge! Wouldn’t be much cop on most of our Devon lanes

  19. @blobstrom Avatar

    Good review, it’ll be interesting to know how close it can get to its WLTP range.
    One thing i don’t understand is the 1 pedal driving and regen argument.. Don’t all EV’s use regen braking when you press the brake, which varies depending on brake pressure until you get to emergency braking and about to stop where it will use the friction brakes? I know this is the case on my Kia, So no energy is wasted.
    I adjust the regen on the paddles to save me having to move my foot to the brake pedal but generally prefer regen level 1 or 0 on the motorway

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