DRIVEN: Citroen Ami Buggy. You’re BONKERS but we love you | Electrifying

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If you're one of those individuals who take a look at the Ami and say, "Yeah, I like it but I 'd choose something more pricey and even less practical", then we've got great news.

This is the Ami Buggy. As you can see, it's most likely one of the most bonkers cars and trucks ever made. Prior to we go any even more, we're going to quickly describe what the Ami is. The Ami is formally categorized as a quadricycle, which is part way between a motorbike and an automobile. A quadricycle doesn't require all the safety package and whatnot that a cars and truck does, however on the disadvantage, its power output and leading speed are limited.

The Buggy comes in one specification – Buggy, which makes choosing your ideal specification a lot easier. You don't even require to select the colour, since it just comes in khaki green.
Door bars hinge at the front or the back, depending upon which side you're sitting. Why? due to the fact that it's cheaper to make one part instead of a separate left and right-hand one. Clever. Doors (if you can call them that) resemble the bars you get on a fairground flight.

It won't shock you to find out that are some extremely strange design discuss the Ami.
We're not exactly sure how much downforce the rally-style roofing spoiler creates, and if you need some assistance regarding where the wheels are, there are arrows on the wheel arches.

If you do plan to take your Buggy out in the rain, has you covered– quite literally– with zippable side panels. They're not especially glam and to be truthful, you 'd be much better off with a mac and a set of wellies.

Since the Ami is categorized as a quadricycle instead of a cars and truck, it does not have to be fitted with all the typical safety set. So rather of an air bag, you get this, a zip-up bottom back for your phone and secrets. Whether that's an advantage all comes down to your attitude to run the risk of. Are you more worried about surviving a mishap than losing your door secrets? If it's the latter, this might be your ideal car.

Under the floor is a 5.4 kWh battery. Which is small. You charge it by means of a typical socket or utilize the adaptor to access a wallbox. It takes around four hours to charge from empty to complete. If you're charging on cheap-rate electricity – it'll cost you the handsome amount of 49 pence to completely charge.

Okay, we have actually provided you the excellent stats first, due to the fact that the bad ones are a bit harder to digest. Citroen claims that the Ami will do up to 46 miles on a charge. Which is alright … if you only endeavor 23 miles from home every day.

A minimum of you do not stress over the heating system draining your battery … since there isn't one.

Sign up with Nicola as she takes the Ami Buggy on the road in the UK for the very first time. Are you a fan of the Buggy and the Ami in general? Have you got one? We like to read your remarks so get typing listed below.

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25 responses to “DRIVEN: Citroen Ami Buggy. You’re BONKERS but we love you | Electrifying”

  1. Friendly Yog-Sothoth Avatar
    Friendly Yog-Sothoth

    I wish they made a car like this but with space for four.

  2. Graeme Williams Avatar
    Graeme Williams

    I love Nichola’s laugh at the end… Quirky and fun! Cars ok too😂

  3. Andreas Vogel Avatar
    Andreas Vogel

    The return of the Twizy.

  4. GS Avatar

    Loved the presentation style, very funny, and a cute little buggy/car/quad, whatever it is…

  5. Douglas Kinloch Avatar
    Douglas Kinloch

    Perfect for Aix en Provence….. maybe Glasgow not so much 🙂 Then again the weather proofing is no worse than a Caterham or Morgan…

  6. Ollie Eastwood Avatar
    Ollie Eastwood

    One thing I have learned from this is that there’s a pulley

  7. Karel-Willem Jaarsveld Avatar
    Karel-Willem Jaarsveld

    Great little thing to take with you on your boat in Monaco.

  8. Chrissie Caulfield Avatar
    Chrissie Caulfield

    I see a standard Ami driving around Leeds Ring road quite regularly 🙂

  9. Sam Bomorse Avatar
    Sam Bomorse

    These would sell so well in the UK if they had doors and windows. A real successor to the Smart ForTwo that’s perfect for popping to the shops or bumbling around a city.

    1. stephen10 Avatar

      It has doors and windows on the continent and even heater for winter , it ‘s a special version for summer

  10. Sam Bomorse Avatar
    Sam Bomorse

    The word you were looking for Nicola is ‘gate’, definitely not a door!

  11. teinspringz Avatar

    Nice to see they upgraded the wheelbarrow wheels to spacesaver wheels!

  12. Jori Diculous Avatar
    Jori Diculous

    Its ridiculous and silly, and that’s is the point of it. I like it and would love to have one for some summer fun driving to the store. Not many beaches here but lots of forest roads.
    Silly seeing people complinign it got no doors or windows. By the regular one if its a bog standard run of the mill car you want. The rest of us like fun.

  13. sha wing Avatar
    sha wing

    Sssh no one tell the presenter about Mini Mokes, she’ll want a ride in one 🤣

  14. Rob Smith Avatar
    Rob Smith

    Nicola Hume is one of the best reviewers out there! Brilliant review! What a fun wee thing!

    1. Archie Avatar

      Would be nice to see her wearing more often tight jeans 🙏

    2. Rob Smith Avatar
      Rob Smith

      @Archie not appropriate

    3. Christina Avatar

      She looks best in tight light blue jeans👍

    4. Rob Smith Avatar
      Rob Smith

      @Christina that’s creepy

  15. Ian Ackery Avatar
    Ian Ackery

    If it looks like a Golf Cart, Drives Like a Golf Cart and Sounds like a Golf Cart then it’s …………. An Ami Buggy!

  16. Mac Jim Avatar
    Mac Jim

    I’ve only seen one in the wild… not this version but the standard car… I think I’d rather have one of those Renault electric buggies than this car to be honest.
    Is that yellow thing on the steering wheel for beating your head on when frustrated at the lack of pace?😂

  17. Anthony Stevens Avatar
    Anthony Stevens

    It’s a tad minimalist, bonkers, quirky etc but I think it oozes personality. As a local town car for popping to the shops when your local roads are 30 limit (less likely to get a speeding ticket unless it’s down a steep hill or cliff) it could be the ideal runabout. Be careful in Wales with a default 20 town limit. You won’t need a shopping trolley either as the shopping wouldn’t fit. A err.. no the only passenger would have to live with it all on the lap. Those zippy doors could be entertaining at the fast food drive though though when its tiddling down with rain. I love it but my life goes more than 40 miles a day at ideally greater than 28 miles per hour at some point but if it didn’t this could be quite a hoot.

  18. Michael Henry Avatar
    Michael Henry

    Top speed of 28… too fast for Wales

  19. James Crook Avatar
    James Crook

    There comes a time when your test driving one of these and your thinking… why don’t I just get a bloody motorcycle 🤣

  20. Andrew Craske Avatar
    Andrew Craske

    Was Nicola charging at Membury services west bound around one today. Very nice looking GV60

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