DRAG RACE: Smart #1 Brabus vs MG 4 XPower – 400bhp EV shootout! | What Car?

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The Smart # 1 Brabus might look like an innocent electric household SUV but it is in fact a crazy 422bhp ₤ 40k straight-line weapon.

What could we perhaps check this weird and unique versus?!

Oh, wait. The MG 4 XPower is in fact really comparable. So, let battle commence.

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Video chapters:
0:00 Another performance !
1:00 What is the Smart # 1?
1:37 Efficiency enhancements
2:22 Outside styling modifications
3:22 More changes?
4:23 Interior makeover
5:14 # 1 Brabus vs MG4 XPower
6:58 ROUND 1
7:45 ROUND 2
8:37 ROUND 3
9:16 The results
10:27 # 1 Brabus driving impressions
12:51 Is the # 1 Brabus worth it? (decision).






22 responses to “DRAG RACE: Smart #1 Brabus vs MG 4 XPower – 400bhp EV shootout! | What Car?”

  1. Me Myself and i Avatar
    Me Myself and i

    2:51 damn panel allignment 😂😂

  2. THENDO Avatar

    Interesting and fun drag race

  3. Richard Cobern Avatar
    Richard Cobern

    What a lot of power for not a lot of dosh

  4. Henry Ludlow Avatar
    Henry Ludlow

    A completely pointless exercise.

  5. MI5UTC Avatar

    Here is the big problem with EV’s going forward. You can totally forget any claimed mileage range….why ?…..because these vehicles have instant torque and not a “curve” like an ICE car, this means that you will need to be VERY DISCIPLINED in how you drive it. The temptation of their performance will be so strong that it will eat into the range each and every time you are driving. To get the “claimed” range you will need to switch it to whatever green mode the car has, have no heating on, no air con, probably no lights on in the dark….and drive it like a nun. If you can do all those, then these cars are for you. I have just bought an EV and in the short time I have owned it, the whole problem is so obvious….

    1. 林振华 Avatar

      That is total valid point. Upon picking up the model 3. I found my foot is getting heavier and heavier. Now it is pretty much 50% thorottle when light turns Green and reaching speed limit. Let alons the ultra low rate for Charging at night time taken away the only constraint for hard acceleration. 😂

    2. Chris Benson Avatar
      Chris Benson

      Not really. My model 3 performance, quicker and more powerful than these cars, was fairly easy to modulate between driving fast and taking it easy, with no significant discipline required or change of modes or any other faff.

  6. HornieCow Avatar

    missing the EX30 here. 🙂

    1. Colin Ultralight Avatar
      Colin Ultralight

      Same Car effectively under the skin. China very busy these days!

    2. Mojo Avatar

      @Colin Ultralight same car, and yet somehow much faster apparently?

  7. tal polano Avatar
    tal polano

    Change Drivers! 3:)

  8. Motorhome Mark  Avatar
    Motorhome Mark

    I prefer the smart and suspect the build quality will be better than the MG ?

  9. ipb1966 Avatar

    “So what actually happened” © Mat Watson

  10. Mark Dean Avatar
    Mark Dean

    Quick milk floats with no desire ❗️computer says nooooooooo 👍🏻

  11. Horus Avatar

    I can’t help wondering if providing ordinary family cars with this level of power and performance will generate problems. On wet, poor roads, drivers unused to such power could easily get into trouble, and in a few years when these are cheap enough for the boy racers to buy, it really could be quite frightening.

  12. 80Y3R Avatar

    Crap nerdy carwow..
    Please don’t do this again

  13. ciybersal Avatar

    Geely vs SAIC

  14. DrJonze Avatar

    No thank you

  15. Miguel Marques Avatar
    Miguel Marques

    Brabus #1 SUCKS !! Too much Expensive mates …

  16. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson

    MG4 wins again

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