BYD Seal FIRST LOOK: better than a Tesla Model 3?

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If there's one vehicle that has actually pertained to define the electrical vehicle transformation, it has to be the Tesla Design 3. Millions have been sold considering that its introduction, making it the best-selling electrical vehicle on the planet. So you might be questioning why has nobody thought of doing the exact same. Why aren't the roads loaded with sleek, slippery saloons with practically unearthly efficiency?

Now, six years after the Design 3 showed up, BYD is finally taking a crack at. The becomes part of BYD's Ocean series of electric automobiles and it's concerning UK later this year with the sole objective of taking sales far from the market leader.

The will be the 3rd BYD model to come to the UK following the 3, which introduced in March, and the Dolphin, which is due by the end of the year.
It's 4.8 metres long, 1.9 metres broad and 1.5 metres high. Which makes it almost identical to the Tesla Design 3. What a coincidence …

The Seal will be offered in the UK in two versions – rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. The rear-drive variation comes with 308bhp while the four-wheel drive version offers 523bhp. Which is a lot. The rear-drive version can go from 0-62mph in 5.9 seconds, while the all-wheel drive one does the exact same in 3.9 seconds. Which is quite quick.

Both variations feature an 82kWh battery as basic which uses LFP chemistry and BYD's blade design.

Sign up with Mike as he takes a close look around the new BYD Seal at its European expose in Barcelona. Is this the car to take the Tesla Design 3's crown? Or is the Tesla still the cars and truck of option? As constantly, we 'd love to hear what you believe in the comments below.

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34 responses to “BYD Seal FIRST LOOK: better than a Tesla Model 3?”


    A Model 3 Taycan 👀😅

  2. Joshua McTackett Avatar
    Joshua McTackett

    If BYD’s pricing is anything to go by recently, it’ll be 70k pounds and nobody will buy it haha

  3. Tony Cashman Avatar
    Tony Cashman

    +46k for the top of the range, probably not, I would say it will be nearer £60k when it comes out

  4. Poxh Preka Avatar
    Poxh Preka

    the ridiculousness that regardless if pro or anti EV, you have to clickbait Tesla or it didn’t happen.

  5. Drew - AZURE Perth West Aust Avatar
    Drew – AZURE Perth West Aust

    Charging is sub standard at 150kw
    Tesla introduced the structural battery pack in the model Y

  6. John Loves Spain Avatar
    John Loves Spain

    Model 3 for me. I’ve hired 2 from Hertz this year and the drive is exceptional IMO and with OTA software updates it will be somewhat ‘future proof’ when I buy one. My trip to Cornwall in August will also be in a Hertz Model 3 because of the supercharger network and for 7 days it is costing just £299 incl insurance. Once I need to change my abcient ICE car I’ll be buying a used M3 which are currently selling for les than £20,000 and now very affordable for the quality, performance and longevity I will get from it.

    1. Lucis Leesion Avatar
      Lucis Leesion

      Guessing what makes Tesla lowers its prices?

    2. Bruno  Heggli Avatar
      Bruno Heggli

      @Lucis Leesion weak demand not enough diffrent modells,already having a lot of production capacity but intentional slowing the ramp up!

    3. Lucis Leesion Avatar
      Lucis Leesion

      @Bruno Heggli Simple answer: BYD’s coming.

    4. Bruno  Heggli Avatar
      Bruno Heggli

      @Lucis Leesion And a lot of people also underestimating patriotism!Its very hard to sell foreigner cars except german luxurycars in countrys like south korea or Japan!

  7. cheese and crackers Avatar
    cheese and crackers

    Shame the rear seats dont sit further back when their is no fuel tank anymore and no drive shaft to get in the way of feet . Four buckets to keep weight down

  8. qilu2004 Avatar

    it all depends on pricing. if the seal is priced similar or slightly above model 3, then yes it is a better deal. if it is a lot higher then no. overall it is more polished more “luxury” than model 3, but not really in the luxury league.

  9. Mark D Larsen Avatar
    Mark D Larsen

    Not gonna get ’em on this side of the pond, so it’s a moot question.

  10. Phathutshedzo Tshikosi Avatar
    Phathutshedzo Tshikosi

    BYD will have tough time convincing buyers to stay away from Tesla if they aren’t able to undercut model 3/y by price. I was hoping for a sub £30k price.

    1. 渡海 Avatar

      Try to get a 550hp car for 30k pounds. Good luck 🤣

    2. Reformed Excon Avatar
      Reformed Excon

      ​@渡海his point still stands. Until the cheaper Chinese EVs get here. Most people won’t bother with these EVs. Brand recognition isn’t there.

    3. Whynotstart usingyourbrain Avatar
      Whynotstart usingyourbrain

      It’s all about the software. A computer on wheels needs excellent software, which BYD cannot offer. Software? Better You Don’t

    4. Whynotstart usingyourbrain Avatar
      Whynotstart usingyourbrain

      So what does BYD stand for? I will explain that later. OK can I use the software? Better You Don’t. Oh, I get it.

    5. Lucis Leesion Avatar
      Lucis Leesion

      @Whynotstart usingyourbrain Dude, how much do you get from Elon to defame his competitors?

  11. A Z Avatar
    A Z

    Looks good.Especially the rear. If I were ever to buy this car, I would remove that hideous “Build your dream” badge in the rear, for sure.

    1. Dennis Cao Avatar
      Dennis Cao

      should use Chinese instead😁

  12. Ian Ackery Avatar
    Ian Ackery

    The problem for BYD (certainly anywhere outside China or Asia) is they are being priced close to Tesla or other European BEV’s. In UK Atto3 is over £35,000 and it has massive competition at that price.

    Whilst I like the look of the Seal, if they price this around £40,000 or more then I can’t see many people buying one against a Model 3 etc. This may not be BYD’s fault due to the costs/taxes of exporting (also expect dealer margins etc are a problem) but sorry this is dead in the water at that price.

    1. Der Jäger Avatar
      Der Jäger

      Ich denke; BYD wird seinen Weg machen..! 👍

    2. Lucis Leesion Avatar
      Lucis Leesion

      If BYD is as cheap as the Chinese market, EU will charge China for predatory pricing and dumping. Yeah, the EU gov. are shxxt, but Ameican one is even worse, cuz I hardly see any possibilites that BYD will enter the US market

    3. Potter Li Avatar
      Potter Li

      UK tax is the issue and no way they will allow BYD to sell their car for like 20-30k. It will kill the market which UK/EU won’t allow that to protect the EU brands.

    4. Potter Li Avatar
      Potter Li

      @Lucis Leesion US won’t allow any chinese brand entering for politic reasons.

  13. Skiridr22 Avatar

    Looks a lot better than a Tesla

  14. Skiridr22 Avatar

    I’ll bet it will fall in 50 thousand segment

  15. Paul Ho Avatar
    Paul Ho

    Everyone seems obsessed and hyper focused on price and positioning against a Model 3, but the practicality of an actual automobile with controls is highly underrated. Teslas are painfully stripped down and barren, emphasizing the harsh ride. Even if this is more expensive than a Model 3, and who can tell with such dynamic pricing on the daily, it’s a more fully fleshed out vehicle.

  16. InControversyIsThereKindness? Avatar

    Looks good!

  17. Brian Jones Avatar
    Brian Jones

    Looking forward to seeing this vehicle down here. BYD Atto 3 is proving very popular in NZ, so imagine this could sell well here.

  18. Jason simms Avatar
    Jason simms

    Used this car in China 6 months ago, amazing! I drive a mod 3 in the uk 😊

  19. B Shah Avatar
    B Shah

    So nothing to upset the market, unlike the MG4.

  20. Jeff. Avatar

    Like it. Front not sure on. Stats are good.
    Just don’t compare every sleek saloon to a m3.
    All EV are beating the ICE on their own models. Focus on that.

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