And the winner is? We drive the World Car of the Year finalists |

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The 3 final contenders for 2024 World Cars And Truck of the Year are all electric, or have electrical variations. For the first time in the award's history has actually made the final cut with the Seal/Atto 4. Joining it on the shortlist are the Kia EV9 and Volvo EX30. In this video, we drive all three to show why every one deserves its location in the final.

On The Planet Electric Vehicle classification the Volvo EX30 and Kia EV9 make a 2nd look in the last three, with the i5 making up the trio.

The chosen contenders were trimmed following substantial screening from a group of more than 100 jurors from 33 countries, that includes 's Editorial director Ginny Buckley.

For the Style Award, a panel including 6 extremely respected world style specialists evaluate the prospects to come up with a short-list of recommendations for the jurors' final vote. Judges consist of previous Renault style manager Patrick le Quément, the ex-Chief Creative Officer of Nissan, Infiniti and Datsun Shiro Nakamura and Frank Stephenson who has actually created for brand names including Mini, Ferrari and Maserati.

The Individual of the Year for 2024 has currently been revealed, with aerodynamicist Adrian Newey scooping the reward. Newey, the Chief Technical Officer of Red Bull is the designer and driving force behind the RB19, the most dominant race automobile in the history of Solution One.

The will be revealed at the New York International Auto Program on March 27th, when they'll receive prizes designed by previous Jaguar Style Chief Ian Callum.

Are these the right choices? Let us understand in the remarks below.

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26 responses to “And the winner is? We drive the World Car of the Year finalists |”

  1. @SophiaRivers19 Avatar

    This video will blow your mind! 💥 If you haven’t watched it, you’re missing out on something incredible!✋ ; 🤝!

    1. @thedreamfactory6964 Avatar

      You are right! It blew my mind. It’s incredible that the updated Tesla model 3 is missing!!

  2. @chrishall734 Avatar

    The Kia eniro shows you the power outage display too

    1. @angrypom Avatar

      The Niro is just a boring car that does the job without any fuss, so I can understand why people don’t get all excited about it, but that’s what makes it the perfect car for me. Gets me and lots of stuff from where we are to where I need them to be quietly and calmly, not to mention efficiently

  3. @Harrythehun Avatar

    I like the EV9!! Have seen quite a few of these and would love to own one. Unfortunately I already own the best cars for me right now.

  4. @richardcawthorpe Avatar

    ex30 was going to be my next car after my trusty leaf for the last 9 years , but cheapo touch screens are not my thing , switches please !!!

    1. @Andy-kp6mi Avatar

      You gonna set ypur navigation with buttons?

    2. @Be-Es---___ Avatar

      Yes, 50 years of car ergonomics are tossed the moment it has to become an electric vehicle.
      Why do I have to fiddle with touchscreens…

    3. @The86rick Avatar

      What happens to your PC, tablet or phone after say 3-5years? Yep. Slows down. Imagine these lower powered car operating systems in 3,5-10+ years. Inoperable. Yet a car like my now 9yo 3 series diesel would still have AC control in 20years and probably be still going with 100,000 miles + on the clock when all these three have no battery and scrapped long before. Sustainable.

  5. @inteliov Avatar

    The problam with this award is that the panel of judges has barely any time to get to know the cars and therefore have to go by intuition and partial information. One example of it is the battery preconditioning feature that you mentioned on the EX30. It actually does exist on the ID.7 (and some other cars like other ID models and new Smart hashtags), the same ID.7 you admitted to have only limited time with when you were judging it in California. You also noted back then that its efficiency seems to be poor despite the fact that many real world tests show it actually has very good efficiency and drag coefficient.
    I don’t blame you but I just think that this award is kind of irrelevant to the average consumer because the evaluation is so partial.

    (BTW Kia isn’t that new of a company, they’ve been making cars for 50 years…)

  6. @Richard-io9xe Avatar

    I’m confused. Didn’t the Renault Scenic just win Car of the Year?

    1. @qual_e_melhor Avatar


    2. @sIightIybored Avatar

      European Car of the Year I think

  7. @Yanquetino Avatar

    Hmmm. The EV9 is a great choice for families, slightly better than the Rivian R1s, and much better than the Model X. I can empathize with consumers who prefer hatchbacks over salons like the BYD —having finally gotten rid of my Model 3. As for the Volvo EX30, I think (?) it doesn’t have one-pedal driving, which is a MUST for me. Naw… I’ll just stick with my Ioniq 5 Limited, which previously already won the World Car of the Year, the World Electric Vehicle of the Year, and the World Car Design of the Year.

  8. @Gajah_Toh Avatar

    BYD is the Best of the Best. All BMW, Benz, ID.7, Tesla are OUT

    1. @Be-Es---___ Avatar

      Use it for a few years to see how it holds up.

    2. @CyAn-S Avatar

      why are you trying so hard to make BYD look good. relax. it is not that fantastic.

  9. @mrmawson2438 Avatar

    Evening and I have had a drink 🙂

  10. @RobloxVideos1234 Avatar

    The BYD Seal is superior to the three. The price varies overseas significantly.

  11. @CyAn-S Avatar

    Car of the year… in march 😆

  12. @matbowden9156 Avatar

    How do we (the public) get more info about the V2G on the EV9? …I know more than my local dealer 🤦👎

  13. @CyAn-S Avatar

    EV9 seems like a good all-rounder but I think we should be driving LESS boxy massive tanks on wheels.. or as I like to call them: Suburban Assault Vehicles.

    BYD Seal: Sorry but this car has been so incredibly over-hyped and I do not understand why. Sure it is decent value, but besides looking good on the outside it does nothing remarkable. And judging from tests, it does so much poorly. I do not understand why people are praising it (poor assist systems, software is so-so, efficiency is so-so, AWD system is almost just RWD +1 such poor traction and charging is slow) . If the main merits of a car are that it is cheap, and not even THAT cheap, and looks decent, come on. Car of the year nominee? What?

    EX30: Good value, looks decent, probably drives well enough, compact, friendly, charging is “good enough for the price” but nothing amazing.

    Just a very boring interior (in my opinion). Just do not get a top spec because that interior will feel like you are getting robbed. It is not great for a high price. But for a 35-40K euro small crossover thing it is very nice.

  14. @seanb9530 Avatar

    Ex30 interior looks cheapo imo

  15. @mrmawson2438 Avatar

    An explosion in demand for electricity is creating a looming crisis in America

    The Electric Viking

  16. @The_Observer72 Avatar

    Preheating battery for only 10 minutes is useless.

  17. @ashleyhouse9690 Avatar

    God, that Kia and Volvo are just so ugly!

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