ALL NEW JEEP AVENGER: the new superhero of small electric cars? / Electrifying

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Say howdy to the all-new Avenger – the very first all-electric cars and truck to use the popular badge. Set to land in the UK this spring, it rests on a new, heavily upgraded variation of the Stellantis e-CMP 'platform' of mechanicals that also underpin the Vauxhall Mokka-e and Peugeot e-2008, both of which are crucial competitors to the .

It includes a 51kWh (functional) battery pack that provides 250 miles of WLTP variety. DC charging peaks at 100kW, which implies an 80% charge can be attained in around 30 minutes. In spite of 's fabled off-road heritage, the Avenger is front-wheel drive and is focused on drivers who elegant the high driving position of an SUV however want a little and easy-to-park automobile.

Join Nicki as she takes a close take a look around Jeep's first ever battery-powered vehicle and gets to grips with its best and worst bits. And, as always, we 'd like to hear your viewpoint in the comments. Is the on your shortlist for 2023 or do you prepare to select one of its rivals instead? Let us know!

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24 responses to “ALL NEW JEEP AVENGER: the new superhero of small electric cars? / Electrifying”

  1. Brian Kavanagh Avatar
    Brian Kavanagh

    Nicki, just like watching “come on down The Price is Right” with all the hand movements in the cabin.🤣

  2. usaverageguy Avatar

    Another EV that we can not buy in America. And even if they sold it here, the dealers would add an extra $5000 to the MSRP.

    1. TheHkluivert Avatar

      Wow. I was always at American buyers because your cars were so cheap! But foe electric cars this has changed?

    2. usaverageguy Avatar

      @TheHkluivert Dealers in America have always tried adding profits by adding unnecessary fees, and overpriced features with no benifit to the buyers like fabric protection, nitrogen in tires and paint protection. But up until a year ago you could negotiate these costs away. Now, they think they can get away with these tactics because inventory is low.

      For example, I have been shopping for a Chevy Bolt. Every dealer has tried to add $3500 to $5000 in costs beyond MSRP and mandotory taxes and title fees.

  3. Justin MacNeil Avatar
    Justin MacNeil

    Still hoping for a 4×4 electric Panda Cross in the next year or so. Was quite interested until I heard it was only 2 wheel drive – sadly, need 4×4 (and a tow hitch) for field care duties.

  4. Chris Stanley Avatar
    Chris Stanley

    That screen just looks like a carbuncle stuck on top of the dashboard. I wish more EV manufacturers would offer an option of no screen / physical buttons instead. I can’t be alone in finding dash screens the bane of modern cars.

    1. Hugh Marcus Avatar
      Hugh Marcus

      They always look like they were glued on just before it left the factory. Surely it couldn’t be too hard to integrate them better into the dash.

  5. Fergal James Avatar
    Fergal James

    Along with Jonny Smith, Nicki is fast becoming one of the best EV reviewers on YouTube! Great work as usual. Fatboy Slim needs to remix that indicator noise though

  6. Josh Moss Avatar
    Josh Moss

    wish it were coming to the US…we always get the shaft on these cool, smaller EVs

  7. Adds Four Avatar
    Adds Four

    Very nice car. So many choices mean it’s really about the price and availability. Tesla continue to dominate as they are the only ones making good volumes

  8. Lindon and Lisa Avatar
    Lindon and Lisa

    I wouldn’t worry about taking it off road anyway with jeeps reliability issues it’ll probably breakdown in the car park

  9. Mika Davies Avatar
    Mika Davies

    I think Stalantis, despite their complaining about BEV’s, are making nicely designed EV’s. Moka, Advenger, Astra, 208, 2008, E-C4…. All great small family cars. As long as they keep themselves cheaper than Tesla…. They should sell really well. Definitely better than VW and their lagging / crashing software.

  10. Donald Duck Avatar
    Donald Duck

    Jeep seem to have missed a trick for me, Jeep being synonymous with tough, robust and rugged. It looks chunky and robust, but it’s not, it’s all mouth and trousers. Now if it had a couple off proper’like bumpers on the front and back for those parking errors, other people’s obviously and then some protective rubber side strips for when the snargit people smack their doors into your car in carparks or leave shopping trolleys to roll onto your car because they can’t be assed to take them back to the shop, then it would be worthy of wearing the Jeep badge. Then you’d have a tough little motherflipper of a car that takes no shite, something I think everyone really really wants and car companies seem completely incapacitate of producing, why I have no idea.

  11. Michael Goode Avatar
    Michael Goode

    I much prefer the 1970’s Hillman Avenger, especially the Tiger variant. As a child my neighbour had a Tiger and I simply adored that car.

    I’m skeptical of WLTP range claims and feel personally that there is a whiff of dieselgate with some of these claims. Real world range needs to be the indicator as of course also with fossil fuel cars which are nowhere near as efficient as claimed.

    I quite like the look but I would rather a Kia Soul.

    1. Andy Farrell Avatar
      Andy Farrell

      “I’m skeptical of WLTP range claims” – yeah, 250 miles from a 51kWh battery is about 5 miles per kWh, and there’s no way this brick will get anywhere near that unless you’re driving everywhere at 20mph.

  12. Michael Goode Avatar
    Michael Goode

    I’m guessing that the slightly larger battery is targeted at other cars from the group such as the upcoming Astra. Pity that the Astra e is still “incoming”. If it was available and with the bigger battery I might have bought one but I’m firmly in the used market for value and choice now.

  13. Max Flight Avatar
    Max Flight

    I remember the Hillman Avenger ! My father had the “tuned” Tiger version ! (holbay engine with twin strombergs) 3/4 length vinyl roof. Exciting !

  14. P M Avatar
    P M

    Always thought Jeep were ugly vehicles and this one hasn’t changed my mind. Last time they made a good one was during WW2. 😆

  15. Colin Goode Avatar
    Colin Goode

    Yet again a good looking small crossover EV with over the top pricing. £34k for entry level is about £10k too much. Maybe worth a look at 3 years old but not as a new vehicle. Like many I am now resigned to looking at used EV’s now.

  16. Omel Borpon Avatar
    Omel Borpon

    Lost me when she said “you should be able to get 4.6 miles for every kilowatt you put in.” Perhaps she meant to say “you should be able to get 4.6 miles for every kilowatt-hour you put in.”

  17. De Van Man Avatar
    De Van Man

    The front seats look absolutely massive

  18. Ulvi Shukurzade Avatar
    Ulvi Shukurzade

    As 192 cm tall man, it is still unclear to me, how comfortable and wide are the seats.

  19. Joakim Axelsson Avatar
    Joakim Axelsson

    Hi Nicki & Co, it would be much appreciated if you could use the metric system as well when mentioning range, length, height etc! (Using meters, km and so on.)

  20. Jonathan Taylor Avatar
    Jonathan Taylor

    Whilst I’m not a fan of the usual, over-sized, resource-wasteful, aerodynamically-inefficient SUV genre of car, because of this car’s small footprint, I kinda think it’s OK.
    Having said that, if the Corsa-E / E208 ‘sister’ cars were also to get the upgraded battery pack and standard heat pump that this Jeep comes with, then those would make an excellent replacement for my current EV.

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