ALL-NEW Honda ZR-V revealed – full details on hybrid SUV | What Car?

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The brand new has been exposed. See to find out whatever you need to understand about this .

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Video Chapters:
00:25 What is the ZR-V?
01:52 Dimensions
03:22 Rivals
03:52 Interior
04:52 Engine
06:55 Cost


20 responses to “ALL-NEW Honda ZR-V revealed – full details on hybrid SUV | What Car?”

  1. Thunderbird Rider Avatar
    Thunderbird Rider

    Difficult to buy hard to ignore

  2. DanRyzESPUK Avatar

    It seems it could be a winner if they price it right.

  3. Joe 80s Avatar
    Joe 80s

    Looks nicer than the hrv. Price will be a major factor.

  4. Tünde Eszlári Avatar
    Tünde Eszlári

    Magical video.

  5. D C Avatar
    D C

    Honda styling has hit a real sweet spot.

  6. Mel Jones Avatar
    Mel Jones

    I drive a 2017 HRV, am looking forward to the ZRV but am disappointed by the small amount of boot space, which is a lot smaller than the HRV I drive now even though the ZRV is a larger car.

  7. insaneinabadway Avatar

    Less boot? More cramped back seats? Where all did the extra car go?!

  8. Juwon Adejuwon Avatar
    Juwon Adejuwon

    Still not a fan of the design. The CRV is now so big they had to bring in a model to slot in place were the original CRV size vacated. This is just wrong.

    Are anyone even talking about how big cars are getting and yet or roads still them same size?

  9. Stu Hill Avatar
    Stu Hill

    It’s more expensive than the Civic, got a smaller boot, probably less rear room, and undoubtedly won’t be as good to drive. But it will probably sell better as it’s more trendy.

  10. exwhyz33 Avatar

    It’s ok. Shall wait for a couple of updates before considering it.

  11. Michele Oncini Avatar
    Michele Oncini

    Such an anonymous style… less space, less boot, no magic seats if compared to a civic. Why???

  12. template16 Avatar

    A calm and informative overview from What Car? No hysterics as some others. Will be interested in the ZR-V when it is available.

  13. Hani Al-G Avatar
    Hani Al-G

    Still don’t get what’s the Point of this car ?….also don’t get what you said if it’s like a civic be a great car etc Yet you stated less space boot and passenger etc so how’s it gone be as good or better ?

  14. Nathan Wolf Avatar
    Nathan Wolf

    It’s the American design Hr-V. The Americans I talk too are annoyed they don’t get the new design language from our HR-V

  15. Nathan Wolf Avatar
    Nathan Wolf

    We need to see more estate and people carriers again. They make more sense, can be better designed for EVs and waste less fuel.

  16. Gordon Avatar

    Needs a plug in hybrid version

  17. Willie Nelson Gonzalez Avatar
    Willie Nelson Gonzalez

    £35,000 +++ 🤬

  18. Mika Davies Avatar
    Mika Davies

    Strange that Honda has got their designs spot on in 2023… External and Internal is really good. So why are their sales declining year on year?? Maybe their prices are too high?

  19. TL Avatar

    Mmmm … it’s bigger outside in all dimensions, yet smaller inside? A Tardis in reverse? Also, with Euro 7 coming in 2025, this car will have to be re-engineered to meet the much stricter emission standards and including sensors to measure and report wear and emissions. Because of that, I suspect the pricing will be higher than anticipated since Honda will need to recover the investment on the powertrain and drive train in less than two years.

  20. Matt Carvers Bulldogges Avatar
    Matt Carvers Bulldogges

    Very nice looking suv, cant wait to see what the sport trim is like

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