2024 Toyota C-HR review – new hybrid SUV driven! | What Car?

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In our 2024 , we'll tell you whatever that's brand-new about this hybrid SUV– including what it resembles to drive!

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26 responses to “2024 Toyota C-HR review – new hybrid SUV driven! | What Car?”

  1. Kinocchio Avatar

    ok for 16-24

  2. 666JGNotts Avatar

    Way too expensive for me, even at the entry level.

    1. Podge Avatar

      Starts at €42k here in Ireland

    2. 666JGNotts Avatar

      @Podge That’s a crazy amount

    3. Podge Avatar

      @666JGNotts I know. Now tbf it’s well specced but still

    4. 666JGNotts Avatar

      @Podge To be honest, as soon as they showed the prices, I stopped watching. It’s pointless me looking at something I can’t afford 🙂

    5. Podge Avatar

      @666JGNotts I just think it’s crazy how the price of cars have escalated. A few years ago you’d have got a high spec 3 series for this price

  3. Mr Mawson Avatar
    Mr Mawson

    2025 Toyota bZ5x large electric SUV built in Toyota’s US EV megafactory

    The Electric Viking

  4. David Avatar

    Say wtever u want the old gen looked btr. It just did. I gotta say tho, they got some rly talented designers especially in Lexus department.

  5. Joe 80s Avatar
    Joe 80s

    Gonna be ridiculously expensive.

  6. Rui Avatar

    The most efficient – Hybrid – ever tested.

    1. Paul Molyneux Avatar
      Paul Molyneux

      Yep…my diesel Megane achieves 60mpg

  7. The Yağız  Avatar
    The Yağız

    Made İn Türkiye

  8. GPL TD 009 Avatar
    GPL TD 009

    I love the way it looks and its more practical than the out going, I also the shelf on the passenger side.

  9. Lorez Avatar

    Had two of these, but £38,000 with 5% apr means I’m out.

  10. 001r Avatar

    Way too expensive

  11. Shenol Leyton Avatar
    Shenol Leyton

    These new car prices have gone crazy

  12. nakfan100 Avatar

    Fully electric….seat 😟

  13. ytdood Avatar

    For the price, you can now get a Volvo EX30. Toyota’s really dragging their hybrid strategy and they’re bonkers if they think pricing this over most affordable EVs will get them sold better. Stupidly expensive for essentially an archaic tech.

  14. PCR Avatar

    So ICE cars have reached price parity with electric cars now ?

  15. aXimo Avatar

    Gonna need to see it alive.

  16. Sebastian Avatar

    At this price, Toyota must not want people to buy this car.

  17. Sabo Avatar

    Does the entry level have the suede in front? Also do we have pictures of the 8 inch screen?

  18. Nick Avatar

    So top of the range plug in hybrid is £46k …. 😂😂😂😂

  19. Kush K Avatar
    Kush K

    Looks beautiful!

  20. Arshad Ali Avatar
    Arshad Ali

    Why are Japanese cars getting so expensive. Yaris 28 k top spec, honda jazz similar price , for small cars . Way too expensive for this hybrid cars. How much money are you really going to save over a small petrol car. Not to mention how many years will it take to recoup the price difference.

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