2024 Porsche Cayenne SUV review – new 468bhp V8 S driven! | What Car?

Enjoy our thorough Cayenne as we drive the brand-new V8 Cayenne S and the updated E-Hybrid model for the first time.

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Video chapters:
0:00 Porsche's BIGGEST cars and truck update!
0:56 Where's the Cayenne ?
1:45 New outside styling
2:54 The new engines
3:58 Brand name NEW interior
6:01 New infotainment
7:10 Interior construct and quality
8:14 Rear seats and functionality
10:03 0-60 test and efficiency
11:42 Trip comfort and handling
14:15 The Cayenne E-Hybrid
15:46 E-Hybrid driving impressions
17:38 Pricing and decision


22 responses to “2024 Porsche Cayenne SUV review – new 468bhp V8 S driven! | What Car?”

  1. Tünde Eszlári Avatar
    Tünde Eszlári

    Very good video.

  2. Buddhika Peiris Avatar
    Buddhika Peiris

    Great review … shame e hybrid is not good as the other versions to drive .

  3. QB TRAILERS Avatar

    Whoever thought replacing physical buttons with touch sensitive buttons really began a whole new era of unnecessary annoyance.

    1. Rod Craig Avatar
      Rod Craig

      Completely agree – why this is thought to be safe but using a mobile while driving isn’t (which is true) is beyond me. Also, you could see the greasy finger marks smearing across the screen with every input.

    2. light monkey  Avatar
      light monkey

      I’m hoping eventually we’ll pivot back to at least some physical controls but I’m not sure hey

    3. QB TRAILERS Avatar

      @light monkey I suspect they’re here to stay 😀

    4. QB TRAILERS Avatar

      @Rod Craig makes no sense at all

  4. T Sul Avatar
    T Sul

    Looking good mate you have lost lots of weight mate keep up the great work 🎉

  5. Lee Beckham Avatar
    Lee Beckham

    sad cayenne S no more V6 2.9🥲🥲🥲

  6. light monkey  Avatar
    light monkey

    I wish you could add some wood trim on the blank space in front of the passenger. Seems like a wasted opportunity, especially for those who won’t add the second screen as an option.

  7. Ian Bunn Avatar
    Ian Bunn

    Love my Cayenne as it does fit all of my needs and will replace it with the S version – that V8 will be sweet

  8. Motor Concierge Avatar
    Motor Concierge

    How much quieter it has become 🙁 The previous V8 generations had much much much more nicer tone to them. Either this one is without PSE, or it is really new generation of exhaust volume.

  9. idkwutToPutHere Avatar

    LOVE the quality of the mics and the cams omg its so good

  10. Dave The fab Avatar
    Dave The fab

    Don’t want polluted air in my car but I’m quite happy dumping plenty out the exhaust from the massive V8 engine.. 👿😡😡

  11. Son of Dat Avatar
    Son of Dat

    I never thought posh rich people complaining about buttons on a touch screen would make me laugh so much.. you probably dont even sit in the front seat.

  12. Tony AN Avatar
    Tony AN

    Hi Mate, brilliant review indeed!😊 Liked and sbscribed!
    What do you recommend now? Should I get a new Cayenne S with a higher price or a current version of the Cayenne GTS for less money?
    I’ve tried to build a new Cayenne S and it costs about 275k for a wagon with the specs I like and 285k for the coupe version. On the other hand, if I pick a 2021 GTS would be around the 220-230k mark in Aus.

    Ps: definitely go with V8, not the entry level V6 for sure.

    1. Tony AN Avatar
      Tony AN

      Btw the Brit prices are tooooooooooooooo bloody cheap!!!

  13. Jake Moore Avatar
    Jake Moore

    Great review

  14. enriqueali Avatar

    Porsche is basically a very profitable luxury SUV carmaker with a sideline manufacturing high-performance sports cars. And it’s been that way for more than a decade now

  15. Miguel Rodriguez Avatar
    Miguel Rodriguez

    yes please!! i would like one

  16. William UK Avatar
    William UK

    My Porsche Cayenne is the best Vehicle I have ever had and will only have Cayenne from now on. My only little complaint is i wish it never had 22″ wheels because it can make the ride a little bit too hard sometimes.

  17. A O'Connor Avatar
    A O’Connor

    Great review but one ask, can you quote torque in Newton Metres please?

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