2023 Toyota Yaris review – everything you need to know | What Car?

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In this 2023 Toyota Yaris evaluation, we take a look at this 80mpg small vehicle has to use.

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36 responses to “2023 Toyota Yaris review – everything you need to know | What Car?”

  1. Joe 80s Avatar
    Joe 80s

    Outstanding economy. Only wish it was more practical like more rear space, you get more leg room and head room in a Suzuki Ignis !!

  2. Reece Collison Avatar
    Reece Collison

    Doesn’t matter what spec it is, £28k+ for any super mini utterly ridiculous

    1. Robin Avatar

      The most expensive was 25K, the entry 22K

    2. Reece Collison Avatar
      Reece Collison

      @Robin0:16 it shows the model being reviewed in this video is north of £28k

    3. Deelan Das Avatar
      Deelan Das

      @Reece Collisonyeah don’t buy the GR sport with those ridiculous wheels and no sidewall on the tyres. Stick with the Design.

    4. W S L Avatar
      W S L

      This is the common cost of most small cars nowadays

    5. JDM guy Avatar
      JDM guy

      Its all relative. The Yaris starts at just over £20k about the same as a new Corsa. I know which one I’d rather have even it means paying a grand or two more…

  3. Henry Ludlow Avatar
    Henry Ludlow

    £28.5k for this super-mini is beyond ridiculous! By the time you’re added metallic paint and some parking sensors you’ll be parting with £30,000 quid. The world’s gone completely nuts.

    1. Reece Collison Avatar
      Reece Collison

      As such the depreciation on these new cars is painful. 3 year old Yaris’s are as low as £14-15k now. Which just shows these cars are absolutely not worth the prices they’re charging

  4. Evangelos Spyromilios Avatar
    Evangelos Spyromilios

    Since this is not a facelift or new model what is the purpose of saying the 2023 Yaris ?? This is just clickbait title

  5. Anakinskywalker Avatar

    Seriously the price of cars in the UK is bonkers at the moment. Who in there right mind is going to spend £28,000 on a flipping super mini?

    1. Robin Avatar

      The entry was 22K, with the top trim 25K

    2. Anakinskywalker Avatar

      @Robin no one is paying those prices from what I’ve seen. If you want one with all the bells & whistles you will pay for it. Even at £22,000 I think that’s too expensive any way. Should be more like £16,000 or £17,000.

    3. skap 7309 Avatar
      skap 7309

      People were warned brexit would increase the cost of cars, along with everything else. Unfortunately they were more interested in blue passports, made in France of course.

    4. stephen brader Avatar
      stephen brader

      ​@skap 7309Is Brexit really to blame for the car prices though Brexit shouldn’t have affected the price in other European countries that are still in the EU I managed to find price for GR sport model on Toyota Germany website it was originally €30,390 but reduced to €27,390 so around £23k you can’t really rule out Brexit as the cause when there’s been other global factors causing inflation and the chip/component shortages affecting car production

  6. Yeah Buddy! Lightweight! Avatar
    Yeah Buddy! Lightweight!

    Top spec model reviewed again, which most won’t be able to afford. People need to understand that the base model will disappoint, after getting excited over the look of this one. However, not having a go at the channel, as I know they can only review the car they’re given. Great review and always enjoy them whenever I watch one. Well presented, so thumbs up! Toyota are taking the P with us now. They think their name will still make you choose to get ripped off. Their Cross version has gone up around 2k since its launch 2 years ago. 2k! I know they’ll say it’s because of certain increases, etc, but who else feels like car manufacturers are treating us like energy companies do? Plus, if you go with a PCP, you’ll have 4.9% APR to add on currently, so say hello to paying even more! It’s 5.9% for the Cross version. I don’t know anyone who can buy this outright. You’re not rich? No worries, we’ll just make sure you pay more! Rant over. Sorry. I really do like this channels videos though. Quality.

  7. Ragingsilver Avatar

    Base model of Mazda 2 is about 1K more than the Yaris but I wonder who gets the better deal at base.

  8. Robbie Handley Avatar
    Robbie Handley

    £28k for a Yaris? Has the world gone completely insane?

    1. Kinocchio Avatar

      yep, this whole decade is a write-off

    2. JDM guy Avatar
      JDM guy

      Note though that this one is top spec which you simply don’t need.

    3. Wildeheart79 Avatar

      No just Toyota

  9. D C Avatar
    D C

    Everyone crying about the price, The fact you see these absolutely everywhere tells you the General Public like what Toyota offer and will pay a Premium for a Reliable Car with a Huge Warranty.

    1. JDM guy Avatar
      JDM guy

      True, the Cross version is selling very well across Europe

  10. Hanan Inu Avatar
    Hanan Inu

    hahah everytime i go shopping just for one little thing i go home with half store.. beauty product are just.. ❤

  11. Michael O'Reilly Avatar
    Michael O’Reilly

    A waste of an excellent power train.
    Interior way too dark and back too uncomfortable for me.

  12. Brian Allan Avatar
    Brian Allan

    Nice thorough review as always. Agree that at 28k it is way overpriced.

    1. Wildeheart79 Avatar

      There’s overpriced and then there’s this. It literally puts it up against a whole upper category of competitors. Of course it’s going to be better than any other super mini when it’s more than twice the price. Toyota have let badge credibility go to their heads.

  13. Nigel R. Avatar
    Nigel R.

    Can’t believe the price of even these econoboxes. I’ve decided to keep my old Honda on the road for the foreseeable future.

    1. Wildeheart79 Avatar

      They’re not at all like this. Toyota got the “it’s nothing flashy but it’s invincible” image and let it go right to their heads.

  14. Mircea Manolovici Avatar
    Mircea Manolovici

    You said “Honda Jazz” in this video more times you said “Toyota Yaris”

  15. Shakeel Zaman Avatar
    Shakeel Zaman

    Why bother make cars this small when you can just make 2 seaters like smart cars?

  16. Francis Lui Avatar
    Francis Lui

    Almost same price as a real GR yaris 😅

  17. BritishTeaLover Avatar

    I’m glad you brought up the Honda Jazz as a comparison, because it seems like the better choice. Admittedly I have one, and I bought a 1 year old top spec one for 5.5k less than this Yaris, yet the Jazz comes with a number of features and comforts (like heated seats, parking sensors, heated steering wheel etc) that this more expensive Yaris lacks.

    The economy for the Yaris does look fantastic though. As a comparison to what I’ve experienced in my Jazz over the last 2000 miles, I’ve averaged ~53 on the motorway, and 62.3 overall. It can get 80mpg around town, but only when there’s next to no traffic and you have longer stretches of no traffic lights.

  18. Victor Licht Avatar
    Victor Licht

    In Denmark you get a nicely speced Yaris with the hybrid motor, for 27.2K (includes color and the comfort pack you need).
    I Honda jazz is around 37K which is just wild.

  19. MotorTorq Avatar

    The only new Toyota that isn’t fugly

  20. MotorTorq Avatar

    I’d have this over the jazz because the jazz is ugly

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