2023 Genesis GV60 review – why it’s even BETTER than an EV6! | What Car?

See our 2023 to discover why this electrical SUV is even much better than the Kia , Tesla Design Y and .

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27 responses to “2023 Genesis GV60 review – why it’s even BETTER than an EV6! | What Car?”

  1. Brian Avatar

    The appearance of cars such as this on the market, is one of the reasons Tesla cut it’s prices……

  2. Johnny Solar Avatar
    Johnny Solar

    It’s nice that you road tested the Premium (which I take delivery of in March) 👍🏿

    1. What Car? Avatar
      What Car?

      Good choice!

    2. Shaun Mckenna Avatar
      Shaun Mckenna

      we don’t get that one in Canada only the sport and sport plus , I think if you drive the sport you will want it amazing car .

  3. ipb1966 Avatar

    We have one of these and although it’s a nice car the support from Genesis simply isn’t there. We had to call their recovery service – outsourced to AA. Their first response on the phone was “what’s a Genesis?”. The work required the car to be taken by a diesel trailer 260 miles away to their single service centre in Bicester, Although the car is pretty much identical underneath to the Kia EV6 and Ioniq 5, Kia and Hyundai dealers can’t work on it (although they do in the US I think) even though taking to a local dealer would be much more environmentally friendly. And it’s going to take over a week just to be told when the parts will be available. They simply don’t seem to have the infrastructure or logistics in place for this car.

    1. Zicong Ma Avatar
      Zicong Ma

      Very good point mate, when I made enquiry online about a GV70 cuz it’s gorgeous, I was told everything will be handled online and there won’t be any physical dealership. It just killed my hype, instantly.

    2. Robin Avatar

      What Car should really mention things like this, based on their knowledge of the car market

    3. Robert John Avatar
      Robert John

      Curious to know did Genesis offer you a replacement car while yours is being repaired?
      Obviously not good that you were inconvenienced in the first place but did they try to mitigate the problem?

  4. 臺灣是國家臺灣是國家 Avatar

    Beige interiors can look good however mind boggles with beige floor mats!

    1. Adds Four Avatar
      Adds Four

      They’re grey not beige, and they don’t get dirty any quicker than black ones.

    2. 臺灣是國家臺灣是國家 Avatar

      @Adds Four ya kool bro…..

  5. Giles A. Avatar
    Giles A.

    Your right it does look like a jelly mold and the interior is strangely remincent of a Nissan Figaro…

  6. Joe Avatar

    I like the look of this. Saw a matt dark grey one a month ago that didn’t impress me especially when apparently the matt finish needs special care when washing .
    I was looking at the GV60 compared to a MY. Thats a much tougher comparison now given the Tesla price drop plus of course full access to the SC network.
    If I spent what this cost (when i priced one it was very high 60’s IIRC and youve said its gone up???) I’d be miffed trying to charge on a single CCS charger somewhere with several queuing and a bay of 16 SC chargers next door only half full.
    I didn’t buy a MY either because of the removal of ultrasonic parking sensors so I’m currently stuck. First world problems.

  7. Robert John Avatar
    Robert John

    I got one a few months ago and it’s a brilliant car. I love the compact coupe style. The interior layout, quality,comfort and tech is amazing and with 5 years servicing and no hassle pick up from home I’m really pleased with it 👍

  8. Adds Four Avatar
    Adds Four

    Amazing car. Loved it s0 much I bought one. Best car I’ve owned

  9. Julian Richards Avatar
    Julian Richards

    How will it compare to the Ioniq 6?

  10. Michal Klucz Avatar
    Michal Klucz

    6:55 let me guess… still no wireless Android Auto in 2023?

  11. Aswin Anbarasan Avatar
    Aswin Anbarasan

    I mean the problem is that it looks so cheap. The Hyundai I6 and Kia EV6 look better.

  12. Whynotstart usingyourbrain Avatar
    Whynotstart usingyourbrain

    So let me think. Buy one Genesis or two model Y.

  13. DBank Avatar

    So glad they are making affordable electric cars!

  14. John Minshall Avatar
    John Minshall

    Nice, and really tidy interior – but I don’t think it’s £7-8k over the EV6. I and most buyers would choose that, or the Ioniq5.

  15. Smiler Avatar

    The range is disappointing.
    I contacted Genesis about servicing and they said they would pick up your car from home.
    As far as I can see (Genesis would not tell me), the service centre is in London!
    There was a rumour that they were opening in the Midlands in the future?
    It makes no sense to be picking cars up 200 miles away.
    I assume they send a trailer?
    They will need a lot of trailers – I assume they leave you a loan car??
    The car looks beautiful!!

  16. Isaiah Scott Avatar
    Isaiah Scott

    I can’t wait for the refresh. I hate the front end… I prefer both the ev 6 and especially Ioniq 5 over this.

  17. Crackers Avatar

    I’m not so keen on the looks or price, EV6 or Ioniq 5 are much better options in my opinion

  18. Steven Jones Avatar
    Steven Jones

    If this is a “jelly mold”, what is the Tesla Model Y ? 😂😂😂

  19. Steven Jones Avatar
    Steven Jones

    Starts at £53K ? Oh dear. I think Tesla’s recent price cuts just killed this car 😞.

  20. Shaun Mckenna Avatar
    Shaun Mckenna

    Great review , I am now living in Canada i got my GV 60 Advance model here ( sport there ) fantastic car very smooth plenty fast enough the nice thing here in Canada the Advance comes with the premium Napa leather as standard but funny enough not in the US. I have done 8000 miles in 5 months the car has not missed a beat its been in heavy rain and -12c with deep snow and it performs very well , the price maybe a little high , I have the Ioniq5 on order its been 14 months and it keeps getting pushed back i was able to get the GV60 within a week i was happy to pay the higher price its a keeper . I agree with you on the brake peddle and the door locking you get used to it once you catch on. Thanks for the review .

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