2023 Ford Puma review – still the best small SUV? | What Car?

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In our , we find out if this is still the best little SUV in 2023. Or would you be much better off buying a competitor, such as the VW T-Roc?

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23 responses to “2023 Ford Puma review – still the best small SUV? | What Car?”

  1. Lando1876 Avatar

    I don’t think this is really an suv. It has the dimensions of hatchback and is actually lower and a bit shorter than the VW ID. 3. It’s in between the Fiesta & Focus in size. Also Ford stopped production of the Fiesta for awhile and people who couldn’t wait just bought a puma. Ford purposefully sabotaged the Fiesta which people still want & if Ford kept producing it it would’ve probably surpass the Puma in sales.

  2. Richard Johnson Avatar
    Richard Johnson

    2 things i prefer the Ford when it had the Aston Martin type front grill, and when is the Puma going electric?

  3. Tünde Eszlári Avatar
    Tünde Eszlári

    Wonderful video.

  4. Sean McKlo Avatar
    Sean McKlo

    Ford have the design but they absolutely need to update their line up of cars, especially the interiors. They want to be seen as premium and they are miles behind everyone in that terms. Good looking cars, basic interiors. Engine line up could be stronger too.

    1. brian hume Avatar
      brian hume


  5. Alan Potter Avatar
    Alan Potter

    Just got rid of my puma, great car, lovely drive, but plagued with problems, mine had a new dash and new complete engine, not to mention battery issues, thankfully all fixed under warranty, went for the Yaris cross, pleased with it so far,

  6. Jammo99 Avatar

    Ford interiors are like the Audi’s of a couple of years ago…
    Everything got changed but the interior still looks cheap or outdated

  7. Graeme Dunn Avatar
    Graeme Dunn

    I need to go drive one in Spain – all the car I need

  8. fuzzy-daddy83 Avatar

    I love mine, but i certainly wouldn’t class it as an SUV, not even a small one. Yes it’s slightly longer and wider than the Fiesta on which it is based, but the ground clearance is only 3cm higher. I’ve seen normal hatchbacks ride higher than this. As such it does drive great, and the economy is excellent. Great small family hatch, especially with the extra boot space over the Fiesta. 👍

  9. Flaw3dGenius Avatar

    Defo about time its had a face lift for sure.

  10. Rob Avatar

    I do believe that when you review a model with already some time in the market you Should include reliability reports on it! For example the 1.0 ecoboost engine reliability

  11. 666JGNotts Avatar

    If the T-roc has touch screen options replacing physical buttons then I’d rather have the “out of date” interior of the Puma

  12. Douglas Cheung Avatar
    Douglas Cheung

    Thanks for your always practical and honest answers to questions we potential buyers will have – other car review sites often avoid negative but important feedback. The Comments section feedback is also very useful!

    1. What Car? Avatar
      What Car?

      Thanks for watching!

  13. GPL TD 009 Avatar
    GPL TD 009

    It is a good looking vehicle, are they reliable?

  14. Rasher basher Avatar
    Rasher basher

    Britain’s favourite vehicle…
    Jesus!! What’s happened to our great country.. 😂😂😂

  15. Paul Pilkington Avatar
    Paul Pilkington

    Shame about the utterly abysmal Ford ecoboom engines with ridiculous rubber timing belts running through warm oil and throwing teet.h. Our local garage won’t touch them

    1. Bruce Moss Avatar
      Bruce Moss

      Pumas dont have wet belts

  16. R R Avatar
    R R

    My wife and I share our 22 plate Puma, after many many Fiesta’s – The Puma is a great car, looks great, drives good, economical, good – very happy.

  17. Lee Sullivan Avatar
    Lee Sullivan

    Love mine so far..
    Apart from the thin paintwork and the questionable build quality.
    As a wheelchair user I love that my chair fits perfect in the Megabox.
    But the 155bhp/Automatic gearbox is a joy
    But I’m only 1,400 on the clock So far.

  18. paul taylor Avatar
    paul taylor

    They should of called it the Fiesta when it was released, older buyers will look elsewhere. Exterior looks fresh, dash looks a little dated sadly.

  19. Paul Inglis Avatar
    Paul Inglis

    A great looking car, shame its only available with that Ecoboost engine because that’s a deal breaker for me.

  20. etbadaboum Avatar

    All the engineers involved in the making of this car has been fired recently, Ford is toast in Europe

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