2023 Audi Q3 review – best SUV? | What Car?

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24 responses to “2023 Audi Q3 review – best SUV? | What Car?”

  1. from another world Avatar
    from another world

    You forgot to say you have to pay to update the sat navigation. And it’s got a cam belt which is expensive to change.

    1. Sophiá Avatar

      That’s just life? Millions of different cars have cambelts and millions cars also have sat navs and or require software updates.. *some models of car also have timing chains depending on the engine variant, if u didn’t know *cough*

    2. from another world Avatar
      from another world

      @Sophiá metal.chain shouldn’t ever need changing. Bmw don’t need a BS sat nav update

    3. disarchitected Avatar

      That is one for the mechanics, these are more ‘independent’ marketing videos.

  2. Jack King Avatar
    Jack King


  3. Teddy Vanis Avatar
    Teddy Vanis

    Well said ! Thanks..

  4. bryan Avatar

    No standard fit reverse camera is pure great from audi

  5. Pradeep Magan Avatar
    Pradeep Magan

    Just need a EV version no changes just chuck a battery in it

  6. D C Avatar
    D C

    A Veneer of Premium over a completely average Vehicle.

  7. KamPlaysFan Avatar

    Does it tick all the boxes? No. Far too expensive for most suv buyers. Should be priced around 28k so it s rivals to the Volkswagen t-roc

    1. A Z Avatar
      A Z

      Yeah but this is Audi we’re talking about. They over price all their cars.

  8. MrTonifumi Avatar

    Doesn’t tick the affordable box.

  9. Dreador Avatar

    2023 Audi Q3 review. Best small SUV? | What Car

    fixed it for you

  10. Dusan Destanovic Avatar
    Dusan Destanovic

    Very nice.

  11. daniel jordan nicol Avatar
    daniel jordan nicol

    Ive gotten a troc as a courtesy car which I think is the same as this if a bit smaller. Im really disappointed that since 2010 interiors in these have not changed in quality 😕 the steering is numb and the engine sounds like a sowing machine

  12. Mumwifeteacher Avatar

    The q3 makes the most sense when you don’t buy it.

  13. Bad- Hair-Day Avatar
    Bad- Hair-Day

    Shame it’s not an EV.

  14. Michael T Avatar
    Michael T

    What does the term “overall not very good” actually mean (mentioned at the end for higher trims)😄 by what standards? I feel that such statements may be misleading when made without any arguments.

  15. Richard Harper Avatar
    Richard Harper

    Test drove both the Q3 and the new X1. The new X1 is a far better package. Punchier entry level engine and standard equipment. Very underwhelmed by the Q3. Sportback looks nice in the S-Line trim though.

  16. turn211 Avatar

    I would rather have Karoq same car for less money.

  17. Ltm1989 Avatar

    675l boot space on a Q3? I want some of what you’re smoking please

  18. Marlon Avila Avatar
    Marlon Avila

    There’s a noticeable improvement on the camera work on this particular review. Well done, What Car team!

  19. Andrew Wheeler Avatar
    Andrew Wheeler

    Love mine 👍

  20. Sean Cotter Avatar
    Sean Cotter

    During Covid I lost my mind and traded in my A5 for a Q3 sport back. Lovely to look at, but awful to drive. 35 TDI and the interior quality horrible versus the 2018 A5 and the A3 I had before it. The spec was also shocking. Honestly, I still have no idea why I bought it. I got rid of it after 10 months and got a BMW 330e M Sport.

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