TESLA’s 2nd Wave of Amazements

Representing Tesla's new age of ingenious tasks that will transform whatever. The new inexpensive Tesla will significantly boost EV adoption while the next-gen batteries will open doors for eVTOLs and short-haul electrical planes. Elon Musk's new AI business, called X.AI will work closely with Tesla to boost the capabilities of Tesla robots and will eventually help provide Tesla's own GPT-like language model for the Bots.






7 responses to “TESLA’s 2nd Wave of Amazements”

  1. Mr. Mino789 Avatar
    Mr. Mino789


  2. Steve Avatar

    With the build quality of a Haval.

  3. Jean-Maurice Avatar

    If I want a big screen I buy a iPad Pro or a big TV…. In a car I want volume and climate button on the steering wheel and on dashboard… F*** Tesla and Twitter. Bye!

  4. BJI82a Avatar

    Can’t wait to see the semi’s on the road soon. I know it will take some time before a lot of people switch to EVs now that other companies are going to Tesla as the main charger what is taking them so long to put charging units around town and at other gas stations once that happens things might get a lot better.

  5. Freddo Flintstono Avatar
    Freddo Flintstono

    I’m guessing the next generation of Tesla vehicles still won’t have actually *working* Full Self Driving, but they may come with a free Twitter account..

  6. J* Avatar


  7. Brian K. Avatar
    Brian K.

    Swapable upgradable battery packs would be nice as battery technology improves. Also parallel 3D printing solid state batteries might help lower prices. And Jeep EVs would be nice for winter driving.

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