10 NEW Electric Cars That Are On Another Level (2024)

If you simply neglect every non-sense electrical being exposed on the planet, you can see simply a couple of electric lorries that are really worth waiting on. Thats why in this video, I will reveal you just top 10 most awaited electrical cars and trucks, SUV and trucks that are on another level when it pertains to increasing competition in 2024. In a world progressively committed to sustainability and eco-friendly transport, 2024 promises to be an innovative year for electric lorries (EVs). The most expected electrical cars and trucks are now on the horizon, set to revolutionize the way we drive and attend to ecological concerns. In this electrifying lineup, we will check out the leading 10 electrical lorries that have enthusiasts and environmentally-conscious customers alike eagerly awaiting their arrival in driveways around the world and the USA.

00:00 Here's my leading 10 best electric cars
00:24 Polestar 3 crossover SUV
01:29 Volvo EX90 high-end household SUV
02:41 Fisker Ocean compact SUV
03:48 Kia 5 crossover SUV
04:47 Volkswagen ID7 luxury sedan
05:49 Ford Explorer electrical SUV
07:05 Vinfast VF 6 crossover SUV
08:09 compact SUV
09:14 GMC Sierra electric pickup
10:00 Canoo EV energy pickup


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